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The Canadian Society of New York

Established in 1897, The Canadian Society of New York has succeeded in its goal of fostering a spirit of goodwill between Canadians and Americans. The Society has long served as a platform for Canadian government and corporate leaders to interface with the New York community. In 1994, The Canadian Society of New York Foundation, Inc. was formed. This foundation sponsors various events throughout the year, donating net proceeds to several worthy children’s charities throughout New York.

To quote from the Canadian Society of New York's constitution:

"The objects of the society shall be to foster a spirit of good will between Canada and the United States and the British Commonwealth of Nations: to encourage the exchange of best thought of Canada and the United States in culture and economics; to encourage social intercourse between Canadians and Americans in New York and to provide temporary relief for Canadians in need of assistance."

At the present, The Canadian Society of New York is the only organization in the Tri-State area devoted exclusively to the strengthening of economic and cultural ties between Canada and the United States. For individuals and businesses with a professional or personal interest in the Canadian-American relationship, the Canadian Society provides a wealth of benefits available nowhere else, including:

  • Networking opportunities for members to meet other business contacts with an interest in Canada

  • Information on recent developments in Canada direct from political and business leaders

  • Forums to discuss public policy issues of common interest to Canadians and Americans

  • Access to Canadian cultural events and social activities

  • Resources to help launch or enhance a Canadian business in New York or an American business in Canada

  • A high level forum for CEO's of Canadian companies to address New York audiences



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